Overall a Very Positive Memory... for Malabar Junction

Overall a Very Positive Memory

If you're in the West End and really want to find a walkable place that doesn't require going all the way down to the Circus, Malabar Junction is tasty, not expensive (though not cheap), and with generally attentive staff, although you need to flag someone down when ready to leave. The atmosphere is casual-elegant, an open room with large tables that seems receptive to bringing family, but just a little too nice for shorts and a t-shirt. The food merits high marks, and although really afficionados may find it unremarkable, my husband and I found it exceeded many Indian restaurants we have tried. The flavors are warm and lively, and I loved my Mutter Paneer. I recommend the house-recommended wines, which pair well with the food. Our waiter was funny, actually, jokingly cajoling us into dessert. Overall, a very positive memory.

ProfK, www.tripadvisor.com at Sep 18, 2010